Now, You can drive a car anywhere in the world using Google Maps and Facebook!


                                     Did you ever have a wish to drive a car in the scenic Alps or Zoom your way through the traffic of Hyderabad?, Some of you might even have dreams about driving in all the 5 continents, (sorry, but Antarctic and Arctic continents don’t have roads to fulfill your wish of 7). Also want to cruise across New York, London, Berlin, Sydney, Monaco, New Delhi  etc…..
Though I too have a wish to drive in all the above cities, nevertheless, I completed my wish of driving a car in my college campus, (IIT Roorkee) where all motor vehicles are banned from driving!. All such wishes can now come true with a small App, recently created which uses Google Maps to navigate a Mini across the roads of the world.

                                                   Mini Maps is an App which can virtually put you on any road in the world, and let you cruise. There are many a apps in the internet which can do such things, but MiniMaps is much better and it also has option which allows you to race along specific tracks with your friends. Integration with Facebook makes the app all the more interesting. You can either create your own tracks or else participate in tracks created by other users.

The facility of racing along with your friends on exotic locations can make the App a rage among the youngsters. Tracks can be created by clicking over various points on the Map. The App is very much Intelligent enough to add virtual boundaries to both sides of the roads and it also recognizes the upheavals of the terrain as well. if the part of the map you are driving is dark, you can also turn your headlights On!.

If Racing on Hot tracks across the world with your friends is your aim,  So what else are you Waiting for? Go to Mini Maps now!

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