Get Set for a new era in Computing : Ivy Bridge Processors


If You have been using the latest Second generation core i3, i5 or i7 Sandy – Bridge processors and were happy with the “Ultimate” Speed that they offer, then Hear this,

Intel had announced a few months back, about the new era in computing, in a typical Apple style – The Ivy Bridge Processors.

Can’t digest the fact ? , According to Intel, They have achieved a  new milestone in the field of basic transistor technology. In Simpler terms, a transistor is the most basic element in electronics. Combining a large number of these gives us the Microprocessors which is the heart of any electronic device. Though new technologies have evolved over the years, reducing the size and increasing the computing potential of microprocessors, The basic element of transistor remained the same.


Now, the basic element has changed. Transistors have a new face now : 3-D  or better call it as Tri-Gate transistors. Intel reports that these transistors will reduce leakage, and consume minimal current, which would be far below the current microprocessors.

Till now, Planar transistors have formed the core of Integrated Circuits which has the unwanted “short-Channel” effect,  which increases the idle power required by the device but the new Multi – Gate Transistors have several gates, which increases the Surface area considerably.Pretty complex stuff, eh??

So what does the Consumer has in here?

  • 37% higher speed and higher Computing Power
  • 50% Lesser Power consumption
  • Prices of presently “powerful” processors like i3, i5, i7  are going to drop drastically.
  • Overall Performance of Computers will take a “giant” leap.

Intel has been working on its tri-gate architecture since 2002, but it took until 2011 to work out mass production issues.Intel, however, wasn’t the first company to introduce this technology. In late 2003, AMD announced their creation of ‘Triple-Gate Transistors’ to maximize ‘transistor switching performance and decreases power-wasting leakage’.  No further announcements of this technology were made until Intel’s announcement in May 2011.

Planar Gate Vs Tri-Gate Transistors

 So when will these Arrive? 

Consumers can get hold of these, most probably in early 2012 , with the first devices set to launch by the end of 2011.

So, Be ready for some Power-Packed Computing life soon……………….

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