Launch of iPad 3 | The golden time for Indians to purchase a tablet.

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In our previous article, we discussed the demerits of purchasing iPad 3 by Indians but we also mentioned it as a blessing in disguise.

Well, A gadget-freak might love to shell out all for a slim and sleek device like iPad 3  but Gadget-Freaks of India have the bug of Price-Consciousness within them. It’s a very good virtue to have, which sets the perfect from rest.

iPad 3 is the coolest device which launched recently with impressive specs like 4G LTE and a 1536p Retina Display. Drooling over them might be fine but popping out money for it needs serious reconsideration.

Best thing during Launch| Fall in prices of iPad 2

This is a silver lining midst all other things as well. Following the Launch of iPad 3, Tim Cook has also announced the new prices for iPad 2 which have decreased by $100.

This latest strategy will help Apple ward off competition from Amazons’ Kindle Fire and also Microsoft which is trying to make some bold moves as well. Even Samsung will have to consider new strategies to combat Apple with Android. The cheaper iPad 2 is much better for Indians and one can give it a serious thought since other devices like Acer iConia and Kindle Fire were looking tempting until a few days ago. iPad bundled with iOS is a very good eco-system to use and the Gadgets are definitely a treat to hold as well.

iPad 2,available at a starting price of $399, (INR 20,000) equipped with dual Camera, A5 processor and 3G capabilities can be expected to run a good race in India. the cheaper price further gives it a advantage over competitors. For the first time buyers, purchasing iPad 2 will be one good decision. It has the necessary features for all kinds of work alongwith a good resolution as well. Apps are available in plenty and Jailbreaking also opens a new world as well.

ipad 2 is currently the best tablet to buy. The rates and upgrades will stay longer this time.

4G is a Distant dream for Indians and with content providers like Netflix and Hulu unavailable to stream content, neither we have the speeds to match their delivery.  iPad 3 will be a waste of money for now.

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