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All about RSS and Feeds, Whats the use and Where do you read them?

all about RSS

What is RSS or Feeds? | Compact news format, Subscribing to a blog without the pain of visiting it often.  

Many of the readers to my blog or any other blog might have noticed a Big Orange button somewhere within the webpage with a link to “Subscribe” to that blog (See the pic below). Some may even offer you email subscriptions, and You may have wondered that it is something nonsense related to coding geeks and something not fit for a common reader.

In fact, that symbol is a RSS subscriber button. Actually RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. It is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

In More Simple Words :

You come many websites and blogs which publish very good and interesting stuff (like Knolzone). You may love the content and come back often to check out the content, but in course of time, it becomes a pain to keep visiting the site again and again.

Sometimes you may love the content but forget the name or the URL of the site. In this Wide World of  Web,its not easy to read every blog everyday.

RSS/Feeds come to the rescue here.

Tired of visiting your favorite blog often? You can Subscribe via RSS to get rid of that pain.

You can Subscribe to any blog by clicking that big Orange Button (shown above) and relax. All the updated content will now be coming to you, which can be read or discarded as per your wish. The mode of reading those feeds is also based on your option.

Almost every blog (nearly 99.9%) in the blogosphere provide the latest content they publish, in the form of “feeds” which are nothing but the complete summary of the articles they publish in a compact form without advertisements delivered to you as instantly as it is published. Once you are subscribed to their feeds, you will not need to visit each and every site for the latest news.

Using RSS and reading the Feeds

You can subscribe to RSS  Feeds of any website in three ways :

  • Using a RSS Reader or Feed Aggregator
  • Subscribing to feeds via E-Mail
  • Using the Browser itself

Using a RSS Reader or Feed Aggregator

These are Websites which help you exclusively in one thing : Collect all the feeds and display them in a an Organised Manner.

They work like E-mail service. Just join them, Subscribe to your favorite sites using the bookmarks these sites provide for your purpose. You can login whenever you are free, and go through all the latest updated content of all the blogs you have subscribed at a single place. Its just like reading e-mails. No annoying ads, no loading issues and even Offline Reading is possible.

There are thousands of such services on the web, We list here some of the best ones available to use.

1. Google Reader 

Free, Powerful, Easy-to-Use, Fast, and its a Google Product. Its the best in the industry. Works everywhere, Sharing options included, and Offline reading features exist.

2. BlogLines

Organize feeds into folders, save article clippings, email articles to friends, drag and drop functionality, three ways to view a feed: Quick View, Full View, and 3-Pane View.

3. NewsFire

Exclusive App for Mac, One of the best feed readers for users of Mac.

More on the List :

4. My Yahoo

5. Feed Demon

6. RSS Bandit

7. Omea Reader

8. Snarfer

9. Net Vibes

10. Blog Express

You can sign up with any of these readers and enter the feed address provided by the blog or hit that subscribe button on the website to get started. You may have seen lots of tiny colorful “subscribe” buttons alongside the blog these are also the quick links to subscribe to that blog.

Use E-mail instead | For easy access

If you find using a RSS reader cumbersome, then you still have a way!, almost all the blogs using RSS even offer a optional E-Mail subscription option where you can hit your e-mail id and get the feeds delivered, right to your e-mail in-box instantly!! isn’t that something great??

Subscribe to Knolzone E-mail Feed now!

Use the Browser itself

Are you lazy enough, that even opening your mailbox is a pain?, Then just open your Browser. The latest browsers of today have great features for reading feeds on the go. No e-mail Inboxes, no Feed Readers, just your simple, plain web-browser.

You need to install any one of these plugins before getting your feeds :

For Firefox :

For Chrome :

For Internet Explorer :

The list can go on and on, because there are many new applications being added to their inventories each day, But the above lists are sufficient for anyone.
Bloggers usually put their subscribe buttons in the easiest areas to find, or else type the URL of the blog into your readers directory, and it will do the rest.

Now, Since you know All about RSS, why don’t to start subscribing to one ? :


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