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Remove Internet Download Manager (IDM) completely from your System without formatting

remove IDM without formatting

If anyone of you has encountered seeing this image, then you must read this article till the end.

Whenever you exceed the time beyond trial version or update a pirated version of the software using a fake key, you will be encountered with this situation.

Users addicted to IDM may start mourning whenever they see such notification, because the only method known to get rid of corrupt IDM is formatting the entire disk. IDM is a stubborn software which cannot be got rid off easily. The Registry Values stay in your system despite uninstalling the software, and prevent you from installing a new copy of the software. The problem lies in hunting those registry values.

Its a MYTH that you need to format the entire disk. You  need to change the registry values and there is a program which can just do that. Follow the following steps to uninstall IDM from your System .

First of all, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager (default location), or wherever it’s installed in your system. Run the small application titled Uninstall from the folder. This will basically remove the program from your System. Your will reboot after Uninstalling.

Completely delete even the Internet Download Manager folder from the Program Files section.

Now you need to get rid of the Registry Values. Now Download the Unregister IDM program, I found this amazing little piece of program while scourging for methods to get rid of IDM. After Uninstalling, extract this program and simply double-click and run Unregister IDM.

This will get rid of the existing and previous installations of IDM completely from your System. Isn’t it a great piece of news? You did not have to format your entire disk at all for a simple but stubborn program like IDM.

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  • aravindbachu

    its working dude, just wait 8 seconds and click the “skip this ad” button.

  • Sooraj

    will it works with any version of idm???

    • Aravind Bachu


    • ambrul

      It’s not working with the latest version of IDM.

  • nandhu

    Thanks a lot….. it worked….

  • Guest

    Works amazing even with the latest IDM version 6.11!!!!

  • Ajmal Ilyas

    Hey Bro.. Really Thanx for saving me.. I was trying to remove my previous idm for many days and it worked. Your idm also got installed perfect.. Thanx again. Nice work.

    • aravindbachu

      Thank you!

  • abbasi

    dear sir,
    u r rock..its working gud..thanx a lot

  • Ioannes Paulus

    It did’t work. I get the message:

    “IDM was not registered in 15 days, IDM will close…

    Please note that according to IDM license that you have accepted
    during IDM installation, now you should either uninstall IDM or
    purchase it”

    Please help me…

  • Ademola Rasaq Adeleke Kiddo

    thank you thank you very much,I really appreciate this and I will never forget this site. More grease to your elbow. thank you

  • Syed Majid

    thanks you, iwas needed of thise, a verrryyyyyyy than qqqqq ,,,

    • aravindbachu

      Thank you!, i am glad that I could help!

  • Raro Leow Ph

    You are Genius!! I can use it and perform well :)

    • aravindbachu

      Thank you!! :D

  • Vijay

    can u tell me how to install crack though i installed the crack it is still showing as 9 days left

  • antaryami swain

    Thanks very much.

  • Russell John T. Perez

    It doesn’t work anymore. It did before but now on idman617b8 no more.

  • Satheesh

    1.Type regedit.exe from run Command
    2. Locate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Internet Download Manager
    3.Right click and delete the folder
    4.Install the IDM again and enjoy..

  • lucky

    thank u very much its working

  • liz

    i loveeeee u!!!! thank you sooooo much1 i have literally been depressed over my previous crazy idm that refused to leave completely

  • muzakkir ahmed

    dear sir
    how unregistered idm sir

  • shruthi

    Thank you so much ….

  • Sajalbhowmick

    No one IDM did not work my computer.How to solve the problem.

  • Chaitanya



    registry has been disabled by administreator help sir

  • Timir Majee

    thank you

  • http://we welela

    how i use idm after 30 days

  • Adnan Ali

    Fantastic dear