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Download Torrents anonymously using Tor Browser and uTorrent. Works on all kinds of connections.


With US and other countries slapping rules on FileSharing networks, it  has become a nightmare to download other useful files as well. Even I am one among those countless number of people mourning the loss of MegaUpload and lack of access to other FileSharing sites.

Torrents are the only source left to download stuff  and its annoyingly slow. Also, torrents have always been the heartburn of organisations and institutions and Countries alike, due to hogging of bandwidth. Torrents are deliberately restricted to prevent “plagiarism” and other such copyright stuff.

With all this hue and drama, people only have to suffer more than earlier. Bypassing Torrents via proxy is a age-old method, which surely works but is a lot cumbersome to use.

So whats the way out?

Tor is an amazing bundle of software which helps you to browse anonymously. Its hides your IP and allocates another fake IP address. Using Tor, we can access almost all the websites on Public domain, without worrying about your governments rules and limits.

Tor can help you bypass IP regulations and help you download torrents anonymously. I was apprehensive before using it first, but it was amazingly very easy and is the coolest method to download torrents.

Download : Tor Browser Bundle , the best proxy browser.

Torrents are surely slow, but fantastic amount of content can be downloaded via torrents and when every other service is down, torrents are the only option left. Downloading torrents through this method will be a slow but continuous process without breaks.

This article focuses only to download torrents anonymously using uTorrent via Tor. Its a very easy 5-Step Set-up and works on all kinds of Internet Connections.

Step 1. Download the Tor Bundle, install the browser by double-clicking the file you have just downloaded. It will install a folder named “Tor Browser“. It will have few folders inside like the screenshot below.

Step 2. Download the Torrent downloading client uTorrent from its website. We recommend uTorrent due to its worthiness in downloading all kinds of torrent files.

[box] Download: uTorrent, the torrent downloading client. [/box]

Download the client and install it on your computer. Its small,safe and suave as well!

Step 3. Open the uTorrent software and go to Options> Preferences (ctrl+P) >Connection and change the settings as shown in the screen shot.

Step 4. Now go to the “Tor Browser” folder you had installed earlier and start the application named “Start Tor Browser“. Starting the browser will allot a proxy address for your machine and you could be ready to browse the web anonymously. It will open two windows, one is a Browser and other is the Vidalia Control Panel.

This panel should connect you to the Tor Network.

The browser should Display the Congratulatory message. It will show the message as “Congratulations. Your browser is configured to use Tor.” It will also display the IP number allotted to you. Browsing web in this browser is the perfect method to browse anonymously.

Step 5. Having configured uTorrent client and setting up Tor in the background, just visit Torrentz site to search for the content you want, download the corresponding torrent file and double-click the torrent file. Your uTorrent client automatically picks it up and your downloads begin to Start. Your institutions might ban torrent traffic but your PC can still download torrents anytime of the day.

Note: These Torrents will only work as long as Tor Browser is running in the background. So you need to keep Tor browser running as long you want to download the torrents. They can be resumed later as well, in case you shut down your PC.

This Method works on all kinds of Internet Connections (LAN/ Wi-fi/ Secured/ Unsecured) and it doesn’t have any Pre-Requisites. This method sure works to download torrents, but it isn’t any safe method and makes you vulnerable. Temporary usage of internet on public Wifi networks may work out, but people living under SOPA jurisdiction aren’t much safe. Your IP address is generally made open, and that fact should be feared by many.

Update : This Method doesn’t seem to work anymore. Using Tor for Torrents isn’t advisable anymore.

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  • spoodge

    Holy shit it works! I have been having problems for years with my ISP blocking and restricting.
    Thank you for the clear step by step info.

    • aravindbachu


  • Arunavameister

    This thing actually works!!!!!Thanks a ton

  • aravindbachu

    Might be a reason. turn the anti-virus off and try again, but technically it shouldn’t have caused a problem in the first case.

  • k

    I am checking it on my home network. Trackers say “Connection times out”
    How do I make it work

    • aravindbachu

      Try some other torrents. With US slapping down on torrent sites too, there has been a significant drop in number of trackers and seeds. Not all are dead, majority of torrents are still working strongly.


    hi…. arvind
    while i was try 2 connect the tor , it is just showing as loading newtork status , i cant downlaod any torrents
    i uninstalled the tor & reinstalled , but for hours it shows as “loading newtork status”
    so how can i make it work…!!!!!!!

    • aravindbachu

      try turning off the anti-virus. if that works, try turning on your anti-virus and change the firewall/bloackage settings.

      If you are trying via GPRS or any such very very slow internet, it may not work too. a decent internet connection is necessary.

  • Harsh Deep

    HI, Torr browser is working fine, tried the setting also. But utorrent does not seem to work. Proxy that i get after connection is 204.11.*.* ..does that have to do with anything??

    • aravindbachu

      no. once check if your anti-virus program is blocking the utorrent application.

  • baptman

    sorry for last question, i understand it’s normal cause i used chrome …
    however how can i be sure for torrents if chrome know my right IP?

  • baptman

    At last, i’ve got some errors on “message log” when µtorrent is running …. is it normal? Thks!

    • hymnz

      even i’m having the same problem.. plz help..!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • sarat bhaswanth

    Dude… Configuring Tor to Utorrent is nice…But can u explain any other setting where we can increase the Downloading of torrentz because the tor doesn’t support some trackers… Please help me out…

    • aravindbachu

      well, I couldn’t figure out that one. Actually Tor is only meant for bypassing ISP’s in a legal manner. They were never meant for downloading torrents, but fortunately the system does work. in the case of trackers, USA is slapping down torrent sites which are resulting in lack of trackers. when majority of trackers begin to go down, even this method will become obsolete……

  • Naren

    i used all the above mentioned settings but it doesnt seem to work….i use proxy to access my college me out plz

  • Saumya

    Hi Aravind, had been using your method until a few days ago to use torrents inside the IIT KGP network. It worked great. But now when I am trying to do it again, it is not working. I went to Tor’s settings > Advanced > Tor Control. “Use TCP connection” is active, with the port 9051. I tried both ports 9050 (as shown in your article) and 9051 (as it was showing in my Tor’s settins) in uTorrent’s settings, but neither worked. Do I have to tweak any settings in Tor?

    • aravindbachu

      even I am puzzled at your situation. just try to download some other torrents, because few torrents aren’t getting seeded at all. although many work, a good number of torrents are dead now. try downloading some XXX content, because they have higher seeding than normal files. (well, it was a suggestion for checking, u can delete it later) i don’t have to tell about what to do to with them to an IIT guy anyways…..:P

      • Shaumik Daityari

        Even I had the same issue with a large torrent file (~20 gigs) and I’ve been following this method perhaps for months, but the seeding is very, very low- hence the low speed!

  • john

    whatever those settings were that i changed in uTorrent absolutely killed my downloads how do i fix this?

  • tinkywinky255

    this shit works i hope its true the tor guys warns from this

  • karn

    thanks it works

  • aravindbachu

    well, I am not sure this thing would work, given that you are directly blocked by your ISP.

  • aravindbachu

    yeah, I knew that and it still is. This method ONLY DOWNLOADS torrents, and doesn’t ensure any security. You are still vulnerable here. but, users using public networks on temporary basis would love to risk this method .

  • Ayyappa Chaytanya

    Dude, My college administration has blocked TOR browser too.. how to unblock it. Please find a way to unblock my TOR as it is unable to connect to the server

    • aravindbachu

      This does happen sometimes. You might probably need to use a bridge to connect to the server. I cannot write down everything here, but here some information that might prove useful for you :

      • Ayyappa Chaytanya

        Thanks for guiding me. i have to unlocked both TOR and torrents but the speed is negligible. I tried using ZbigZ in TOR but the download is not via IDM. Please find a way to integrate Tor with IDM. This would solve everyone’s problem. Thanks in advance.

  • harish

    i used this method these many days and thanx for it….but now when i suddenly unistalled utorrent and reinstalled back its not workin ….:( i bookemarked this post so i came back ! i put the same settings :9 plz reply

    • aravindbachu

      this is strange…..because just uninstall-install cannot stop it. maybe you changed anti-virus settings, or some sort of other settings, which you might remember.

      If nothing works, just install older versions of Tor Browser and uTorrent, if they seem to block the torrents using the latest versions.

  • Prakash Mariner Karanam

    in my college tor browser itself has been blocked how to un block it…help me pls….

    • Adam

      there is no way anyone can block is made for that purpose to unblock everything..u might be entering settings wrong..

  • Amartya Shankha Biswas

    hi .. im from iit kgp ….. utorrent gets stuck at “connecting to peers” :/

    • Adam

      hi this happens cause there are only certain trackers that we can use with our proxy servers in work..just try those torrents with lot of seeds and trackers and make list of trackers that work..this way if one of ur torrent is stuck then u can add the trackers from this list and make them work..hope this helps..

  • Doc

    For those having problems with slow downloads you can try a common uTorrent tweak go to > Options > Preferences > Bandwidth > and change “Global number of maximum connections” value to something like 500 and click Apply. Please don’t be a hit and run artist though. Reciprocate the generosity by seeding for a while. Good luck all!!!

  • Akshay Anand

    Are there any settings that ensure that Tor only uses 80 and 443 to connect even to Tor network? Also how do i find out which port tor is active on on my localhost? Some places it was shown as 8118, some as 9050. Which port does Tor actually listen on?

    • aravindbachu

      9050 worked for most of us. I don’t think tor activates itself on non-working ports.

  • Emmanuel Reynoso

    Torrents slow? Lol

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  • sprajagopal

    Please do not use TOR for torrenting. It is a network of people who work to keep anonymity possible on the internet. You are taking up useful bandwidth by downloading your movies, soaps and whatnot through tor.

  • aaaa

    hi, it’s working for me, but how do i know that uttorent also anonymous ? cause it’s working even when the tor isn’t running

    • aravindbachu

      Utorrent isn’t anonymous. Coupling with Tor makes it so.

  • Monin

    Nice post. Thank you.

    Once we set all, is there a way to know with in Utorrent that our ip is well the ip used from TOR ?

  • Roshan Madani

    i have done what was mentioned above but Vidalia Control Panel window does not open only tor browser opens and in utorren file does not start download.

  • sameer

    i did as u said.but my downloading is not starting . iam getting 0speed in utorrent

  • salman

    Hi dear i read your blog it is pretty handy but in my university it doesn’t work. Please tell me how i can by-pass my University servers and can download torrents?

  • Abhinav Singh

    Only some of the torrentz can be downloaded rest of them doesnt even start…….!!!!!!!!!!

  • Giri

    or tell me how i can watch youtube by bypassing this wretched FORTIGUARD….ultrasurf , browse sec , epic browser , majority proxy websites ….all are bloacked