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How to get Google Apps for free despite Google removing the free edition

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Google has recently rested the free edition of Google Apps for users, which is a really disappointing thing for small time web developer teams and websites. Google provides only the Business version of its Google Apps which starts at $50 per year and upwards.

But there is a turnaround. You can still have a hand at using the free edition of Google Apps. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Google Apps is a productivity suite with all Google Apps available for your team, controlled by a super administrator(you), under your domain. It allows you to efficiently run and manage your enterprise.

If you visit the current Google Apps page, you will be welcomed with a Google Apps Business version, with details of all its features. The Free Edition offered all these benefits albeit allowed only 10 users. The free edition usually sufficed the requirements of many small establishments.

Since the free edition isn’t being offered, we need to work our way differently to gain access to the free version again.

Step 1.

Go to Google App Engine. Its a developers area where Google allows developers to test and deploy their apps using the tools provided by Google. Login with your free gmail account.

Step 2.

google apps 1 Just Click the “Create Application” button and you will be redirected to a page where you will name and create your application.

Step 3.

google apps 2Fill the Application with dummy details and accept the terms and policies given on the page. Finally click the “Create Application” page to start your application.

Step 4.

google apps 3If you have registered your application correctly, then you must be able to see this screen. You will now have to go the dashboard of your application by clicking the “Dashboard” link on this page.

Step 5.

google apps 4In the Sidebar, Click the “Application Settings” under the Administration settings. You will be redirected to the Application Settings page where you can configure everything about your Application.

Step 6.

google apps 5

Scroll down the Application Settings page and hover over to the Domain Setup section. Click the “Add Domain” button to add your domain to which you want to configure the free version of Google Apps.

Step 7.

google apps 6

Finally, we reach our destination. You can now add your Domain here and click the “Sign up for Google Apps Standard” link. It will allow you to sign up for the free version of the Google Apps for your domain.

Hope you love this method and start using the free Google Apps as earlier. Do not forget to share this method help your friends in using the Free Google apps.

Note: Copy – pasting the Google Apps Standard link in another browser will not work. Its a specific link created for the App user to use. So you can only sign-up to google apps for free only using this method.

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  • Marcelo

    Thank’s for sharing Aravind! But there’s a problem with this trick, you can only create a single user account, and not the free Google Apps version in that you can create 10 users.

    • aravindbachu

      That’s right, and this trick is a little cumbersome too. But, you may be happy to know that one can sign up for the free trial of Google apps business version and use it for free for life, given that you don’t cross 10 users limit. you can read it in my coming article.

      • Marcelo

        Thanks for your reply Aravind! I’ll be waiting your coming article!