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Following the demise of Feedburner API from October 2012, non-nerdy bloggers seem to gone into a sort of frenzy with many of them on the hunt for free alternatives to feedburner.

[box] Check out our list of Free Feedburner Alternatives to use. It’s an old but updated article. [/box]

Feedburner isn’t dead, the basic service is still active. Only, there will be no new features added to it.

Even though API’s have been shut down recently, there have been a few persistently nagging problems at feedburner. The subscriber counts and other stats seem to go awry at times and caused headaches to bloggers.

Supplying the native feed URL is sometimes much better than syndicating it via Feed services, but the final choice rests upon bloggers.

What is the best Solution to escape such situations in future?

Though we have given you an updated list of alternatives to feedburner, there is no guarantee of other feed services going dead in the future.

Many bloggers have started shifting Subscribers from RSS to Email based subscriptions, by sending updates to all subscribers via email. This is a good method, but people using RSS readers would still love to get their feeds into their reader and not into their email inboxes. Know all about RSS and feeds and the way to read them, if you aren’t following this talk.

Shifting all of your subscribers to email can definitely make your work easier, and it’s a way much gorgeous too. You can easily design specific newsletters and mail them at your leisure. You could just provide your native feed URL to interested users and forget all about syndicating feeds. So, the final decision rests upon the blogger to decide.

We would be publishing a list of free RSS to Email services and other good, native email newsletter managers in our coming articles for the convenience of our readers

Knolzone hasn’t firmly decided about its subscription channels. Currently, we burn our feeds via Feedburner, and also offer email Weekly Newsletter Service. We have had a similar growth in subscribers in both channels and we hadn’t removed any of our channels. Our twitter channel stays a little neglected but our Facebook  page receives great response by each passing day.

Do Change your RSS Syndicator to some other free alternatives to feedburner, and do express any concern regarding the same in the comments below.

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