Waze, The free Navigation app with an embedded social network


Waze is a free navigation application for mobile devices that lets you to watch the real time situation on the roads, to drive the best routes and socialize with other drivers.

Waze works in close cooperation with drivers all around the world in order to create the first real time road map ever which will provide drivers with the information about latest changes in the situations on the roads. This will surely make everyday car trips easier and more pleasant.

Waze is a social application for mobile devices. It includes constantly updated road map, alerts about traffic jams and road accidents, and also data from drivers for choosing the best route to your destination point.


The data about traffic jams and situation on the road are automatically collected and processed while a driver simply drives with a Waze turned on. Any user can add some useful information about the current situation on the roads: from traffic jams and accidents to discounts on certain gas stations. As most of the information for Waze is provided by regular users, the app is absolutely free for download.

On the official Waze site you can take a look on the situation on the roads. By downloading the app on your mobile device, you’ll see the same but will be able to add fresh changes to a map. Surely, any navigator will provide you with a route to your destination. But in Waze you have an opportunity to choose the fastest or the shortest way you need. Apart from that, you’ll see possible obstacles on your route. The program also remembers your most used routes and offers them when you start driving.

The app is available both for iOS, Android.

And the last thing to add about this program – the more people use it, the more accurate are the routes.

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