Watch the Creepiness involved in travelling to North Korea

File photo of a parade to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Workers' Party of Korea in Pyongyang

Always in the news for provocative actions, the curiosity among the people worldwide has increased manifold in knowing more about the life of North Koreans in the recent times.

After the death of the second Kim, his son, the Third Kim has been doing some nasty actions enough to make the officers at the Pentagon to point their guns at him. Armed with the World’s Fourth largest army, and an evergreen hate for the Imperialist Aggressors of the West, a.k.a. The USA, North Korea is seriously contemplating the start of the Third World War.

It is estimated that Seoul in South Korea would be run over in 15 minutes or less, if North Korea decides the offensive. With missiles being placed in direction of Japan, USA and South Korea, along with successful rocket testing technologies, They have sure warmed up the air on the planet, a century after the First World War.

Sadly, The North Koreans live the most pitiable life, and they don’t even know about that.

If they are so powerful, whats life like in North Korea? That’s the most curious question and sadly, its not a bed of roses. DPRK is one of the poorest nations in the world and with recurring famines, rumours of cannibalism have also come out. They don’t have profitable active trade relations with anyone and there’s no communication with the outside world. They only have a intranet which brags about the greatness of the Supreme Leaders, the trio of Kims.

Everybody has to love, respect and sing praises for Kim. Their dictator is the greatest in the world, and everyone else is a moron. All Americans are perceived as devils and this propaganda is rubbed on kids from birth, which essentially creates the Zombie Land, which we now call as the Democratic People’s republic of North Korea.

What’s it like to travel in this queer nation of Zombies?

Its quite adventurous to even think of travelling to North Korea, but Shane Smith of Vice Media, a popular documentary video Channel on Youtube did make an attempt to travel to DPRK. He secretly filmed his travel, and risked his life in every moment of his travel.

His travel is documented in Three parts, but we joined them all into a single video.

You can also watch it on our exclusive Youtube Channel, Knolzone TV. You can also download this Documentary here.

Do share your opinions about North Korea in the comments below.

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